Dental Implants





Dental implants are an extremely effective and long-lasting way to replace teeth that may have been lost through gum disease, decay or trauma. If missing teeth are not replaced, a number of problems can arise, including difficulty eating and speaking, shrinkage of the jaw bone and possible movement of remaining teeth.

A dental implant is an artificial replacement for the root part of the tooth, which is surgically placed in your jaw bone and used to support a crown, bridge or denture. They are small posts made from titanium, a metal so well-tolerated by the body that it eventually bonds with the bone.

The advantages

  • An enhanced smile – implants provide support for new, natural-looking teeth
  • Less bone shrinkage – they can stimulate and therefore maintain the jaw bone
  • Improved functionality – they can help you chew and speak more effectively
  • Better oral hygiene – they are easier to keep clean than bridges and dentures
  • Healthy tooth structure retained – there’s no need to remove a layer of enamel from neighboring teeth

The options

  • Single tooth implant – often an implant is placed to support a single crown, offering a natural-looking way to fill in the odd gap in your smile.
  • Multiple tooth implants– if you have a number of missing teeth, we can strategically place implants to support a bridge or denture.
  • All-on-4– this enables us to place a full arch of teeth on just four or six strategically placed implants. It also allows us to provide implants and replacement teeth on the same day.